Helping people love and follow Jesus


The Well is the college ministry of Wellspring Church. Its structure seeks to meet the present needs of our students – currently, we’re holding men’s and women’s weekly Bible studies, led by students, and hosted in their residences. Community members also engage with these groups, offering encouragement and mentorship to students. Throughout the semester, students of The Well gather as a combined group for events like prayer and worship nights and weekend retreats. The Well is a place of rest for students to receive and be renewed by God’s Word, while navigating college life with fellow believers.

every wednesday • 7pm


@ Alight State College
Contact Jon Whitby for details


@ Hamilton Residence Hall
Contact Emma Kraft for details:

bible project

The Bible tells the true story of God and the whole world. But it isn’t just a story from back then; it teaches us how we’re supposed to understand God, ourselves, and the world we live in. But it’s not the easiest thing to read.

Dig further into the story by downloading the Bible Project app below. We promise, you won’t regret it!

rule of life

1. Start your day with Scripture and Solitude
2. Have at least two points of relational contact each day
3. Exercise or do something active each day
4. Preemptively limit escapist tendencies
5. End your day with Gratitude and Gospel

If you’re interested in learning more about Rule of Life, then give the Fight Hustle, End Hurry podcast a listen below.



Helping people love and follow Jesus