Helping people love and follow Jesus

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Ever wonder why practicing faith on your own can be so difficult?

That’s the purpose of connecting in love. Each of our connection groups is unique, but all are united in their mission: to bring faith into action in the context of community. Here, faith isn’t just a concept; it’s a lived experience. Whether it’s through serving, learning, or just sharing life, each group offers a supportive space where love becomes tangible. Find the group that matches your journey and join us in a community that actively embodies Jesus’ teachings in diverse and meaningful ways.

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Do you struggle finding a place to share your joy and sorrow, struggles and victories? We do to, and we are figuring out how to share those experiences together. We seek to live authentically together by being open and honest in our walk with Jesus. Come as you are and with a passion to grow in faith, love, and service.

We focus on discovering how God can use us through prayer to reach others for Jesus. Our time is Bible-based and story-oriented to better understand how God uses his people. We have an outward emphasis to pray, encourage, and go out to where God sends us, seeing what he does through us.

Do you have deep, burning questions of faith? Come learn with us as we approach God’s word together regularly to better understand His story throughout time and what He has been doing in our individual stories of life. We encourage all inside and outside the church to join, so come journey with us and bring a friend!

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Helping people love and follow Jesus