What to Expect

When you visit Wellspring, you may be wondering who you'll meet and what to expect. 

First off, we're just like you—people of the community and university with hopes and dreams and fears and failures (sometimes it feels more like the latter). 

We started getting together for church because after trying to go our own way for a while, we decided to surrender to someone greater. That someone greater has drawn us, revived us, and remade us so we're not the people we used to be

When you visit, you can expect a warm and casual atmosphere that welcomes you where you are, but invites you to grow further.

Sunday services

We're a friendly and casual bunch, so no need to dress up fancy unless you want to. 

Worship services last about 90 minutes and are shaped by the best of the evangelical, charismatic, and liturgical traditions. The preaching is strongly biblical and Gospel-centered, and we celebrate communion every week. 

What to do when you arrive.


We offer children's ministry for babies through preschool. 

Older children sit with families in the service. As the church grows, we'll offer a fuller range of children's classes. We welcome kids. Check-in procedures. Kids classes. Security. Security clearances. Curriculum. What kids can expect.