What is lent?

Lent is a season of anticipation for the central event in world history - the Resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday. As Christians, we don't want this day to sneak up on us. Instead, we want to enter into the life of Christ, and walk with him towards the Cross, the Tomb, and ultimately, the Resurrection. In aligning ourselves with his life, we can enter into a deeper understanding of Him as we allow the lamentation of sin, the sorrow of death, our need to rely on God, and ultimately the joy of new life shape this month. Lent is a season of surrender - laying down that which we allow to distract us, but more than that, it's a season to intentionally heighten our appetite for Jesus. 

How can i partake in lent?

Lent is structured into forty days, to mirror Jesus' 40 days in the desert when He fasted, was tempted by the Devil, and ultimately overcame him by relying on the Word of God and delighting in the Father. Traditionally in Church History, Lent is marked by fasting from something dear to you for a month. Some choose meat or sugar, some choose makeup or social media. The choice is yours, but the goal is to create space to intentionally delight in God where you would normally be delighting in something else. 

Allow this extra time to sober you to the fact that so often we turn to lesser loves, instead of our God, who, at his right hand has pleasures forevermore. In Lent, we acknowledge that more often than not, these lesser loves have become idols, to which we go for joy and satisfaction. So Lent is also a time of somber reflection that for our idolatry and sin the God-Man Jesus had to die in our place. We remember the death of Christ on Good Friday, the Friday before Easter. 


Feb. 18: Kickoff of our Lenten Series, "Road to the Cross"

10a, 60 Decibel Road

Feb. 18: Overflow ( Extended Prayer and Acoustic Worship)

6:30p, 60 Decibel Road

March 23: Worship Night

7:30p, 60 Decibel Road

March 30: Good Friday Service

7:00p, 60 Decibel Road

April 1: Easter Sunday Service

10a, 60 Decibel Rd


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