Our Story

Wellspring started as an idea that was born out of the shared conviction that Jesus is the source of life, who flows through his church to those who need it.

To start Wellspring, some of us were commissioned by Calvary Church, a church we partner with in our hometown. Some of us moved from Iowa, the home base for a family of churches called The Salt Network. And others joined up because they heard what was going on.

On Easter 2017, after months of praying and planning, we held our first informal worship gathering.  We’re a growing community of Christ-followers united by our love for Jesus and a desire to see Christ Overflowing in our lives, our city, and beyond.

We look forward to the day when Wellspring will be a fountain of Christ’s presence and power, overflowing with life for a thirsty generation. Years from now, we pray that what started as a trickle will stream throughout the college towns and cities of Pennsylvania and beyond, so that worshippers will be formed in Christ, disciples will be multiplied, and church plants will be sent out. 

It’s been a thrilling first chapter in the life of our church, and we’d love for you to join us for what’s next!