Our mission and Values

We exist to be an expression of Christ’s overflowing presence and power, so that our city and campus are renewed through a gospel movement that causes people to worship Christ, helps the next generation grow in faith, and sends people out to join God in his work.

To do this:

We'll stay centered on Christ. The person and work of Jesus Christ is the who, how, and why of everything we do. Every worship service, meeting, and act of service—everything we do—is all about Jesus. He's the main event.

We'll worship in Spirit and Truth. At Wellspring, we're bringing together three different streams of the Christian churchthe Word (evangelical), the Spirit (charismatic), and church tradition (liturgical) in order to live out the Gospel all the time. We want to see Jesus glorified, the lost saved, and people healed.

We'll disciple followers of Jesus by teaching them to obey Christ in everything. At Wellspring, we want to make the pathway of discipleship clear and accessible. We want to help everyone to live from their growing relationship with Christ. This process is like a story that God is writing in and through us. We'll do this through small groups called Well Groups, training classes, service opportunities, and rites of passages along the way.

We'll reach the Next Generation. The church of today needs to reach the church of tomorrow. The way we do this at Wellspring is through The Salt Company, our ministry to Penn State students. At Wellspring, we want the church to reflect our community, which means approximately 50% college students and 50% community members.

We'll send people out to live their faith and plant churches. We don’t measure success by our seating capacity, but by our sending capacity. We're developing people through events like the FLOW Conference to live out their faith in everyday life—at home, at work, and in their neighborhoods. We also want to plant churches, and so we’re already cultivating future pastors, leaders, and launch team members. By God’s grace, we hope to plant our first church in another college town in 2020.

We'll value partnership and accountability. No single church can fulfill God’s purpose alone, so we value accountability, partnerships, and collaboration with other organizations and churches. We're connected with The Salt Network, Acts 29, State College CityChurch, Calvary Church, the North American Mission Board, and Converge.

We believe in The Baptist Faith and Message and The Danvers Statement